Computer Science Engineering

I have an Ivy-League (UPENN) degree in Computer Science, but my homeschool background taught me the importance of practical, hands-on education.

Success in Business

From 2007 to 2018, I worked with my business partner and team to develop into a successful SaaS ecommerce solution which securely processed over a billion dollars in value for thousands of stores.

Cryptocurrency Advocate

In January of 2013, I spent $50 to purchase 2.5 BTC. From that moment on I’ve continually learned and educated others on the disruptive nature of blockchain technology.

Passionate Voluntaryist

I believe all human interactions should be voluntary and economic freedom directly improves human well being. My time and attention is directed by these beliefs.

Trusted Community Member

As a top witness on Steem, a trusted EOS Proxy, an eosDAC custodian, the FIO managing director, and an advisor and consultant for multiple projects, I understand the value of reputation, consistency, and results.

Dedicated Father and Husband

As a husband for over 15 years and a father of three children, I demonstrate how independent entrepreneurs can provide world-class value while staying grounded to what matters most.

If you’d like to follow my blog on the blockchain, you can find me on any platform powered by Steem as lukestokes (Steemit, Busy, Steempeak)

One thought on “About Luke Stokes

  1. I’m Joe Sirotnak, your Dad and I are first cousins. 610 349 0690 ( cell). Found you thru your mom’s obit. Last time I saw George was at a wedding somewhere in north east NJ. I got to sit in his new Jag. Less than a thousand miles on the od, I think. Never met your mom, but I know I would have liked her very much. We both came to Christ during our ‘hippy’ days. Wish I had known her. Let me know how you all are.

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