Due to other commitments, I’m not currently offering consulting services.

My consulting rate is between $100 and $300 per 45 minute meeting depending on the project scope and complexity, and the frequency of our agreement. I also care about the project’s potential to improve the world and increase human well-being and will adjust my fees and time accordingly. The things I’m most interested in involve building decentralized autonomous communities, not just privately owned start ups. If you are part of the Steem or EOS community and don’t yet have the money to afford a consultant, hit me up on Discord (lukestokes#3854) or Telegram (lukestokes).

One thing you may hear from me is that your idea is not as valuable as you think. Execution of an idea combined with the right people is where real value is created.

I accept cryptocurrency payments in multiple currencies:

EOS: lukeeosproxy
STEEM: lukestokes
BTS: luke-stokes
ETH: lukestokes.eth
BTC: See https://onename.com/lukestokes
PayPal: luke.stokes@gmail.com

To book a Zoom video call meeting, use my calendly link. If this is our first meeting, we can discuss payment afterwards based on the value you obtained from the meeting. If we have an ongoing agreement, please send payment prior to the meeting if we haven’t already agreed to a monthly retainer.

Depending on your project, I may also be interested in obtaining your native tokens as compensation. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at luke.stokes@gmail.com

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