Does the World Need a Universal Basic Income? Could Steem Power It?

Technological Unemployment Is Coming

By some reports, 40%-60% of all the jobs in existence today will be gone in a few short decades. Historically, our species has responded fairly well to massive shifts in employment (you’re probably not a farmer, am-I-right?). No one’s crying for the buggy whip makers because Ford didn’t give us a faster horse.

But This Time, It’s Different

For you to understand what I mean, and what this Steem Power is I’m talking about, I’m ending this post here. To read the rest of it, follow along to Steemit and read this blog entry on the blockchain. That’s right, thousands (and someday millions) of computers all around the world, completely decentralized and uncensored, have a copy of this post which the Steemit website is serving up. Not only that, unlike Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter, Steemit pays its content creators and curators directly with value created by the network. When you’re done reading this post, create an account and checkout out my blog and wallet pages on Steem. I’ll post more thoughts on Steem in the future, and I’d love to know what you think.

One thought on “Does the World Need a Universal Basic Income? Could Steem Power It?

  1. Unemployment is coming due to lack of skills as an available opportunity. It’s not due to Technological. Technological is creating new fields for skill full person. It will remove labor workforces. But it can’t able to remove mental power work.

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